Self Exploration Session:

“I was super lucky this week to spend a day with photographer Thibaut De Lestre, where I tried out his methodology of creating portraits through a subjective understanding of self hood.

Working with Thibaut involves a process of together  questioning one’s thoughts on self and harnessing that information in making images that are especially personal and beautiful. 

What is really special is that he allows you to have a large part in the artistic process, in a really well thought out, perceptive and enjoyable way.

Thank you Thibaut.” ( Gala Moody )

Self Exploration Session:

“This photographic experience gently pushed me to delve into the intimate and create links to a concrete, palpable and conscious mirror.

I liked this risk-taking, this confrontation, this different angle of my inner reality. I liked the pre-session appointments where we bring out the potting soil to understand which is the most fertile.

I liked the meeting afterwards to comment and read the images, to share what we discovered within never seen before.

And I enjoyed this day of research together, of wanderings and enthusiasm, under the gentle and open eye of Thibaut. I am very grateful for this work which for me has taken on a tremendous  meaning. ”

 ( Pauline Oreins )

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